Thursday, June 19, 2014

Birthday Week???

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So Kaylee's 4th birthday was on Tuesday.  You would think the way we have been going around here she had the whole week dedicated to her.  This cannot happen every year!!!

So on Saturday we had her party at her grandparents house.  She played outside all day with her cousins and had a blast.  I made her a chocolate chocolate chip cake with chocolate frosting and topped with M&Ms.  I know I think my girl likes chocolate!!! Here I expected her to say she wanted a princess cake. She spent the night there too.

On Tuesday morning she opened her presents from us and then we went bowling.  To top it off she wanted breakfast for dinner.  We went to IHOP which worked out because it was Kids Eat Free.

Yesterday I took her to the roller skating rink because she has wanted to go forever and I didn't start until I was 4.  We both had a blast there.  It did make me feel very old though.  I used to go skating all the time from that age.  Now in my mid 30s and 2 kids later I felt worn out.  I didn't think I was in bad shape, I work out everyday lol.

To top it off she cleaned her room and the living room so we said she could have ice cream.  We took her to Brewster's.  She told them her birthday was Tuesday and they gave her a free sundae!!  When we got home I told her okay kid no more this week, save it for next year!

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