Friday, January 26, 2018

Online Safety Tips

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Online Safety Tips

During the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday, millions of shoppers have been joining the holiday shopping craze by surfing online, searching for the best online deals. While many have applied necessary online safety tips for a risk-free shopping spree, some have omitted it, and it may have led their personal data being unsafe and to the view of malicious and unscrupulous eyes.

You can feel the excitement of the online shopping experience without fearing to lose your personal information by simply playing Shopping Spree Slot at Asper Online Casino. This is a brilliant shopping themed slot where you can treat yourself to a day at the shopping on its 5 reels with 25 paylines. Here you can spoil yourself as much as you want and you can have the chance of grabbing some well-deserved wins during its Free Spins and Bonus features. In the future, if you are considering shopping online, it’s best to apply some basic safety tips to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
Before going on a shopping spree online, it’s recommended that you check if your antivirus, firewall, spyware, and adware are up to date.  Updating the security software of your device will provide you with the primary defensive mechanism that is needed to protect you against hackers. And when you are searching for the best deals, it’s better to avoid search engines. If you came to know about a top deal by someone recently, you can directly type in the site’s URL instead of looking for it on Google. This will prevent any changes of your device falling prey to an unexpected adware attack.

Always make your online shopping with companies that you are familiar with and that you trust. You can easily be tempted by the many sites online offering great bargains, huge saving, and big deals. However, its preferable to stick with reputable shops that have a clear history when it comes to the protection of customers online. If you are solicited by someone who you have not contacted or by a site that you don’t usually use, it’s advisable to never reply to such texts or emails. The sender might be a scammer who is trying to steal your identity.
It’s wise to use a two-step verification process for both your mobile phone and computer. This will prevent people from stealing your private password and it will at the same time keep your personal information secure. Although having a two-step password might look more complicated than just a single password, it’s still better than having an empty bank account or your identity stolen. It’s not advisable for anyone to use a public wireless connection or a public computer to purchase any product online. This is mainly because cyber criminals and hackers can easily get access to all your personal information while you are using a public network. It’s recommended that you should only purchase from online shops when you are from the comfort your home, or when you are using a trusted network.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

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