Sunday, June 29, 2014

My #Deals at #Kohl's Today

Disclosure: I wasn't compensated for this post.  I'm just letting my readers know about the awesome deals I received today!

Kohl's Expect Great Things

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I headed over to Kohl's today because I was sent a 30% off code and $10 Kohl's Cash for every $50 spent.  I spent $60 and saved $120.  This is not my best trip by any means but it's not bad.

I have to admit I stayed away from the kids department this trip.  I go crazy over there with the clearance and  Kaylee is set for at least the next size up.  This trip was for me for once!

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I knew I wanted to check out the skirts and dresses for church. I really didn't have any at all that I could wear anymore.  I am not really one to wear dresses.  I checked out the skirts and I'm glad I did.  I found 2 maxi skirts, which I have wanted for a while.  I also found 2 mid length skorts, not normally my style.  I liked them though because they looked like a skirt and fit well. I also found a pair of stretchy pants on the clearance rack for $5 and then 30% off.  There was also a pair of short that I forgot to put in the picture that was on clearance for $6 and then 30% off.

I took a picture of the maxi skirts but the picture isn't working for some reason.  They are on my instagram if you want to check the skirts out.

If you like to save money like I do Kohl's definitely is the place to go.  If you watch the sales and use the extra discounts you can really score big!

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