Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Owleyes T-Shirts Review

I received this product for a review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Owleyes T-Shirts Review

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I was sent this shirt from Owleyes for my husband to review.  This is the first time he was able to review a product on his own.

Here is information on the company from their site:

About us:

Owleyes creates designer graphic tees and apparel for its ever growing loyal customer base. Embracing the positive energy found in each of us as inspiration, Owleyes tee shirts capture the human spirit while accentuating the culture, love, music and light around us all. Choose from an expanded portfolio of chic fashionable designs and modern graphic tees for any occasion. Owleyes graphic tees can be found in stores throughout Texas and conveniently online at: is locally owned and family operated in beautiful Austin, Texas.



by Beth Bull, Founder
Before Owleyes was a business it was a sketch book of illustrations depicting what resided in my heart.  These images were inspired by my deep connection with Owls, my belief in the creative power seen and unseen that could be captured from nature and Divine intuition.
In December of 2008 the “Breakthrough Collection” titled Wings of Wisdom, Inner Peace and Imagination was unveiled and Owleyes was officially a business.   Our name has roots in our beginning days and its meaning refers to “Allies” and the endless creative possibilities to be seen.
Owleyes has grown from a journey of one to a family business.  Our collection consists of over 50 graphic designs expressing themes of nature, music, humor, animals and images “Exclusively Austin” symbolizing the vibe of our home town.
I love the fact that Owleyes is a local family business.  
My husband really loves his shirt.  He said it is very soft and comfortable. My husband is very picky about is clothes and he didn't have a single complaint!
Owleyes line includes men, women, and children so you can find something for everyone.
Whether you live locally in Austin, TX or anywhere else I know you will love Owleyes.  They carry a quality line that everyone will enjoy.  You can check them out yourself by going to Owleyes.
Here We Go Again...Ready? received this product in order to review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  I only introduce products I feel will be beneficial to my readers.


  1. These shirts are so neat I love the owl on the Journey shirts and I love the Journey today in mushroom color style 2608b1, it is so neat and a t shirt that my hubby would wear also, thank you for sharing this company with us.

    1. You are very welcome. I know my husband really loves his. They are very nicely made, I love that they are a local company too.