Sunday, April 5, 2015

InstaNatural Essential Oils Review

I received this product to review.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

InstaNatural Essential Oil Review

I was given the opportunity to review InstaNatural Essential Oils. I have tried many products by InstaNatural and I have really enjoyed everything so far.  I knew I would probably love these, too.

I haven't tried many essential oils.  My favorite is lavender.  I have also tried tea tree oil.  I am very intrigued by essential oils and all the many things they can do.

Lemon Essential Oil is extracted from the rinds of lemon, which lends its fresh citrus fragrance. This cold-pressed oil has a strong bright scent that is both refreshing and uplifting. Its astringent and purifying properties also make it a great aid to help cleanse and tone the skin, while delivering a boost of Vitamin C antioxidant benefits.

The scent of Lemon InstaNatural Essential Oils can be used to ease anxiety.  You can place a drop or two in your hand and inhale the scent or you can place it in a diffuser.

Do you make your own cleaning supplies?  I actually have and it is very simple and economical.  You can add a few drops of Lemon InstaNatural Essential Oils to your home made cleaners and it gives it a great scent and disinfects.

Peppermint Essential Oil is a multi-purpose oil that cools, energizes and refreshes the body and mind. This steam-distilled oil is extracted from dried or fresh leaves from the Mentha Piperita herbgiving it a sharp, menthol fragrance. Its pleasantly sweet and minty aroma makes it a premium choice for aromatherapy to improve the mind and lift the spirits.

Peppermint InstaNatural Essential Oils can help with many things.  You can use it for muscle aches, clearing your sinuses, relieve your allergy symptoms, and natural bug repellent.

With spring we experienced an issues with little ants.  I could never figure out where they were coming from.  There weren't a lot of them but they wouldn't disappear.  I made a mixture of water and a couple drops of Peppermint InstaNatural Essential Oils.  I couldn't believe how fast they disappeared.  They have not been back.  It also leaves behind a pleasant scent!

I would definitely recommend InstaNatural Essential Oils.  You can check them out yourself by going here.

Here We Go Again...Ready? received this product to review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  I only recommend products I feel will be beneficial to my readers.

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