Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Don't Pad the Problem Chose Apex!

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We don't normally discuss this but lets face it at one time or another we will all have an issue with urinary incontinence.  I know that during and after pregnancy can really give you issues in this area.

Do you have leakage when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise?  It is a very common issue and it is caused by Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).  In the past the only option you had was to pad the problem.  This can be highly annoying and let's face it, expensive!  

Another option is surgery.  This is not only expensive and invasive.  You have 6-8 weeks healing time.  Who has 6-8 weeks to heal from surgery, I know I don't!  The surgeries also are not always effective.  My grandmother has had 3, yes 3 surgeries to try to fix this problem.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help SUI.  This is where Apex can help you.  Apex is a medical device you can use at home that can help you strengthen you pelvic floor and lessen the side effects of SUI.

What about Kegels?  They can help this is true.  What I didn't know and I'm sure you don't either, you can do them wrong.  If you are not doing them properly you can actually be making it worse!  I know right, who wants this problem getting worse!

I have myself have tried Apex.  I don't have a constant problem.  After having my girls I have noticed that when I least expect it I might laugh, cough, or sneeze to hard I have a problem.

Apex is very easy to use.  I was afraid it would be weird using a device.  I can honestly say it wasn't thankfully.  I have only been using it for a short time but I'm starting to notice improvements.  I think any improvement is an accomplishment.

I would definitely recommend Apex.  If you have SUI don't cover it up, fix the problem.

“The new guideline for the treatment of urinary incontinence from the American College of Physicians stressed medical evaluation and management with a focus on physical therapy. Now that there are FDA [cleared] pelvic stimulating devices, like InTone, Apex, InToneMV and ApexM women have the option of intense, effective pelvic floor physical therapy (with or without biofeedback)  to treat common forms of urinary leakage.”

Holly L. Thacker, MD, FACP, CCD, NCMP
Professor and Director, Center for Specialized Women’s Health
OB-GYN and Women’s Health Institute
Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of CWRU
Executive Director, Speaking of Women's Health

Cleveland Clinic is ranked as one of the top hospitals in America by U.S. News & World Report (2014).

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  1. Kegels are seriously hard. Sometimes I feel like I am doing them wrong and I didn't know it would make it worse. Scary. Thanks for sharing.
    This is something I need to deal with now since I just had a baby and was doing kegels to help out.
    xx, Michelle

  2. This is really important issue. So many women are hesitant to talk about this, even to the doctor. Oh, the price of childbirth, right? scain54(at)aol(dot)com