Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Sunday Ritual

Not Again....

So they say opposites attract?  I realize this every time I have to go anywhere with my husband.  He likes to do all kinds of things right before we go anywhere.  He doesn't seem to get that organizing his closet doesn't need to be done 30 minutes before an appointment. He doesn't mind being 5-10 minutes late everyday.

I hate to be late.  It is my major pet peeve.  I would rather be early every where I go.  I average about 15-30 minutes early on average.  I mean hey, you never know if you are going to hit traffic.  With toddlers you have to add about 10 minutes for getting them in the car.  Oh and my oldest is notorious for needing to go to the bathroom the moment we start to put her in her car seat.

So what ends up being my Sunday ritual?  I end up waking up early to get ready to go to church.  I get the girls fed and dressed.  I wait for my husband to decide to get out of bed.  That can take forever depending.

I keep looking at the clock knowing that he is going to push every second he can.  I can feel my blood pressure rising as the time goes by.  How hard is it to just be on time?  I mean I don't expect to be early with him.  Just on time, that is a compromise.

Even my daughters are starting to tell him to hurry up. You know it's pretty bad when a 4 year old and almost 2 year old know he is the reason for our tardiness all the time. 

Oh the small trials of life.  Anyone else have the same issues :)?


  1. I, surprisingly, am rarely late. It's surprising because I generally have things timed down to the last possible minute with my plans. My husband is the get there early person in our family.

    1. So the roles are reversed in your house :). My husband is always saying he is on time which he would be if it was just him. I think he is closer to 5 minutes late, lol. He doesn't figure in the toddlers :). That makes us late.