Monday, October 13, 2014

Give the gift of comfort with Darn Tough Vermont Socks #HolidayGiftGuide

Give the gift of comfort with Darn Tough Vermont Socks #HolidayGiftGuide

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My husband always says that if he won the lotto, he would want a brand new pair of socks at the beginning of every new day for the rest of his life! There is nothing better than a sock that brings comfort. If you are active, you know how frustrating a low-quality sock is. You know what low-quality is! It is those socks that fall into your shoe all day long! If you are running or cycling, that is a huge frustration to stop and fix falling socks. Darn Tough-Vermont socks do not disappoint!

My Darn Tough socks are the perfect gift for the Holidays. There is no fitness focused man or woman, parent or busy-body that would not love to get a brand new pair of comfort fit, quality Run/Bike socks as a gift! We grow up and get beyond the "Oh man! Socks-yuck!"-phase and once we know the comfort of a good sock, we fall in love with our gift the first chance we get to put them on our feet! When I run or bike, I cannot have a sock that slips. It actually creates friction and can leave sores on your feet if you have a sock that moves and rubs as you run or walk. Not to mention the frustration I described above of having to stop and pull your sock up!

Darn Tough-Vermont Socks
  • Made in Vermont-USA and family-owned
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Socks tested in the harshest environment
  • High density knitting for durability and cushion
  • Form-fitting toe and sculpted heel pockets for a performance fit
  • Made with custom-count shrink treated Merino wool
  • Uses Coolmax® blend for moisture control
  • Ribbed ankle support-no bunching or slipping that can cause blisters
  • Elastic arch support
  • Socks for Men, Women and Kids
Keep the family-owned Darn Tough Vermont socks in mind this holiday season when comfort is the gift you need to give!

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