Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Site and New Bloglovin Account!!!

I wasn't compensated for this post.

Wondering what has been going on???

You may have noticed I haven't had as many giveaways as I normally do.  That is because I made the big leap of having my own domain name!  I have been slowly transitioning to the other site and most of the new giveaways have been there.  I will still keep this site open and put different reviews and giveaways here also.  So please keep an eye here, too!!

I also have a new Bloglovin account for the new site you can sign up for that Bloglovin HERE!!

I hope you follow both sites and enjoy the new exciting opportunity that having 2 sites will offer all of us!!!  

Most of all I want to thank you!!! Without you this wouldn't be possible!!!!


  1. I just recently got a new site, which means a new bloglovin site. How do you feel about that? Did you lose all your followers? Have you had as much success on your new site as you did on your old ones?

    1. I've only had the new site for a couple weeks so I'm not sure. This is my original site. I haven't lost any followers on this site and I hope I don't. I don't know if I can say what my success on the new site is since it is only a couple weeks old but I would say it's been positive.