Tuesday, August 12, 2014

School Spirit #Giveaway Event

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I wasn't compensated for this post.  I'm bringing the best giveaways to my readers.  This is an awesome giveaway for Back to School!! There are 3 different giveaways in this event.  Make sure you enter all 3 by clicking enter here on the Middle School and Elementary School giveaways.  Good Luck Everyone!!!

Welcome to an event celebrating all things school related from supplies and gear to sports pride and activities/events and more.  This includes getting ready for the first day for pre-schoolers through dorm room and college prep!

College/High School Prize Package ($300 Value): 
School Lockers - Kids Locker
Personal Planner - Planner of Choice
Three by Three - Stainless Sort It Out 
Udderly Smooth - Cream Package

Middle School Prize Package Enter HERE ($270 Value): 
Planet Box - Rover Complete Set
ThinkFun - Robot Turtles Game
Funkins - Cloth Napkins

Elementary/PreK Prize Package Enter HERE ($270 Value): 
Kidecals - Mega Set
Surprise Ride - Monthly Box
Teach My - Learning Kit
Rock n' Learn - DVD of choice
FunBites - Funbites of choice
The Homework Caddy - Homework Caddy of choice
The Learning Journey International - Mathematics Bot
Startwrite - Windows Version 6.0

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on August 27th, 2014.


  1. I have five children, all headed back to school next week. Two of them are in college aged 21 and 19, and the other three are in high school (public school) ages 16 and twins that are 14.

  2. My son is 10 yo and is in 5th grade. He goes to public school that has only 4th & 5th graders but they had to add a few 3rd grade classes due to population. Today was his first day and it went pretty well.

  3. My daughter is 2 and she doesn't go to school yet, but depending on what town i live in she will probably be in private. I don't really like the public school system in the town i am in.